We specialize in BSA / AML Compliance and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) applications for the financial and banking industry

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OFAC Server


AML Software and Bank Compliance Monitoring Solutions

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What you get with Ocean Systems, Inc.

AML Solutions for FINCEN & BSA Compliance

Our Enhanced Compliance Solution (ECS) covers all your BSA compliance requirements from Onboarding, Customer Risk Assessment, EDD Reviews, and AML transaction monitoring.

Watch List / OFAC / EDD Screening Software

OFAC / Watch List screening software scans your customers and their related parties against published lists of sanction entities, Political Exposed Persons (PEP), and negative media. Transactions are scanned in real time to reduce exposure while at the same time minimize false positives.

FRB Certified wire transfer product, FedLink.

FedLink is a compliance focused wire transfer automation system that streamlines your operation and enhances customer service. Rich in feature functionality, and proven in hundreds of installations, with outstanding user feedback and satisfaction.

Ocean Systems

AML Software and Bank Compliance Monitoring Solutions

We are a software development company specializing in Compliance and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) applications for the banking industry

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Explore our superior Compliance solutions

Financial institutions face an increasingly challenging and complex environment in meeting current risk and compliance regulatory requirements.

  • AML / BSA Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Watch List / OFAC / PEP Screening
  • Onboarding
  • EDD and High Risk Reviews
  • RETINA Real Time Fraud Monitoring
  • BSA Risk Assessment
  • FinCEN 314a
  • Regulatory Reporting - CTRs, SARs
  • FedWire and SWIFT Compliance
  • ISO20022 Compatibility
  • Dodd Frank Reg E Compliance
  • IRS Recordkeeping
  • FATCA Withholding
Wire Transfer Systems
OFAC/PEP Screen Software
ALM Complete solution

Security Controls

Enforces Network Security - uses Active Directory

Multifactor Authentication - Entrust or Vasco

Audit Logs

Enforces Dual Control

Support TLS Connectivity

Uses MACs to detect data tampering

Validates for Possible Duplicate Wires

Interfaces to most US Bank Core Processors


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