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AML Solutions for FINCEN & BSA Compliance

When comprehensive monitoring matters ECS Enhanced Compliance Solution (ECS) is a comprehensive AML monitoring system designed to comply with the U.S. PATRIOT Act AML statutes and provides detection & documentation of fraudulent behavior. Our “hidden relationships” functionality in ECS, facilitates monitoring of behavioral patterns and transactional activity among persons and groups of customers. Signatories, beneficiaries and even non-customers that form part of customer relationships.

OFAC Screening Software

When an in-depth scanning process makes the difference Our OFAC screening software delivers compliance-critical searches to reduce exposure while at the same time minimize false positives. Our OFAC / PEP Server, scans lists published by the U.S Office of Assets Control (OFAC), the Bank of England (BOE), and other authoritative sources. Designed to not only scan blocked entities, our OFAC Screening Software supports the banks’ Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) process of their customers by searching lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and other designated entities. Our search history functionality is specifically designed to comply with FinCEN requests and subpoenas by scanning client databases and transaction history. Ocean Systems’ customized implementation & configuration, can process unlimited types of data based on your bank’s preferred options.

Wire Transfer Automation

Providing Automation and Compliance Discover OSI’s premier FRB Certified wire transfer product, FedLink. Designed as a module based solution, FedLink is a scalable software solution that allows for growth and automates your operation, while ensuring your wire transfers are compliant with all related regulations. The core module automatically posts entries to customer accounts, providing full disclosure on customer statements.

The The FedLink Anywhere module provides a Web-based front end for bank personnel and customers. This allows authorized users to originate wires with templates and bank lookups that pre-fill beneficiary and intermediary bank information. Customer requests are secured and authenticated with the use of electronic signatures and multi-factor authentication. FedLink Anywhere uses Identity Guard, an award winning authentication platform from Entrust Corporation, to render multi-factor authentication through the use of tokens, grid cards, and other forms of authentication